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Family Medicine in Pittsburgh

Receive compassionate, insightful, and prompt care for a variety of conditions when you visit our office for family medicine in Pittsburgh. Our experienced pediatrician and primary care physician is dedicated to caring for the whole patient at any stage of life. Rely on the staff at our family practice to deliver quality care for all patients, involving them as partners in making informed decisions about their health care.

For more than three decades, our staff has consistently delivered the highest quality of family medicine for patients ranging in age from adolescents to senior citizens. During your visit to our office, we take a personal interest in your wellbeing, ask questions about your health, and inquire about any physical problems that you have been experiencing.

Family Practice in Pittsburgh, PA

Why Choose Our Family Doctor?

At our family practice, our goal is to provide respectful, high-quality health care to each member of your family. As a family doctor, we honor the individuality of every patient in Pittsburgh and understand the unique medical needs experienced at every stage of life. We are passionate about working with families since it gives us a greater understanding of any medical needs and hereditary factors.

We are proud to a number of routine health care services, including:

  • Sports Physicals
  • Immunizations
  • Annual Physicals
  • Management of Chronic Diseases, such as Diabetes, Arthritis, and Cardiology
  • Care for Acute Conditions, such as Injuries, Flu and Strep
  • Screenings, Including Blood Pressure and Osteoporosis

When you need care, our physician and staff provide you with the support you need in order to make the most of every appointment. We take an active role in managing your health, and regular visits to our family practice empower you to gather information about preventive care, making healthy choices, and improving your lifestyle. For your convenience, we are available by phone 24/7, we take most types of insurance, and we offer a 20% discount to patients with appointments.

Emergency Medicine for Families

When you have an urgent medical situation that cannot wait for an appointment, visit our practice for emergency medicine for families. Our medical doctor and staff are certified to deliver compassionate care for a variety of urgent issues, thereby saving you a trip to the emergency room.

Whether your child has a high fever or you've sustained a deep cut or a broken bone, rely on our professionals to deliver the prompt and soothing care you or your loved ones require. We are fully staffed, trained, and equipped to administer care in response to a number of conditions or injuries that require immediate medical attention.

Family Medical Center for Chronic and Acute Conditions

Our family medical center is here to deliver the level of care you need, whether you are managing an ongoing condition or experiencing the sudden onset of an illness or injury. Trust our family care physician who is experienced in a variety of chronic conditions that require close monitoring and management in order to diminish or minimize their effects and keep them from disrupting your lifestyle.

In the event of an acute injury or illness, our practice also offers proven treatments and therapies that provide relief and help foster healing. We are well versed in both the urgent and ongoing care required to help you recover and regain your sense of wellbeing. We welcome you to visit our clinic and learn more about what we can do to put you back on the path to good health.

Compassionate Chronic Disease and Acute Condition Medicine

Discover new inroads to lasting health when you turn to our practice for chronic disease medicine. Our personnel are fully trained and equipped to develop a personalized plan for your condition. We specialize in the management of chronic diseases such as diabetes and arthritis. In addition, we offer comprehensive cardiology services.

When you require care for acute conditions, such as injuries, flu and strep, our staff springs into action to help minimize your discomfort and start the recovery process. We strive to be the first choice for acute condition medicine in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. For this reason, we put the health of you or your loved ones first and deliver attentive care with a focus on your comfort and satisfaction.

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of our family doctor in Pittsburgh, Joseph A. Santiesteban, M.D.