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Internal Medicine in Pittsburgh

Get the medical care you need and treat any condition you may be facing with the help of our team of internal medicine specialists. Whether you are suffering from a severe chronic illness or a simple common cold, we have an approach to treatment that is centered on you.

Find a solution to your condition and get medication from primary care practice doctors that understand internal medicine. We treat everything our patient may be suffering from, and provide prescriptions from primary care practice physicians that care.

Team of Medical Specialists in Pittsburgh, PA

Prevent traditional chronic conditions like diabetes, asthma, and thyroid disease from becoming major issues by scheduling an appointment at our office. Current patients have the option to make same day appointments when they are in need of immediate care. No matter what your age or the level of illness you may be suffering from, our team is ready to help you feel better again.

Medication and Prescriptions from Our Primary Care Practice

Treat the issues that prevent you from enjoying life to the fullest with medication from primary care practice specialists. You no longer have to live with the debilitating daily conditions that keep you from breathing clearly. Even if you have a highly treatable condition like the flu, our primary care practice doctors have the knowledge and experience to make a difference.

Prescriptions from Primary Care Practice Doctors

Receive the highest level of care possible with our prescriptions from primary care practice physicians. Our team has the experience needed to prescribe the right medication for the condition you are experiencing. Trust the team of highly qualified prescription specialists in our practice to get the root of your issue and help you find the relief you deserve.

Diabetes: Know Your Type

Protect the quality of your life and stay in control of your diabetes by understanding what type of condition you face. There are two distinct types of diabetes and the approach to treatment depends on understanding the type you have.

Diabetes Treatment for Type 1 and Type 2

Get a better understanding of the particular diabetes treatment you need by understanding whether you face Type 1 or Type 2. Type 1 diabetes occurs when a person’s immune system damages the cells that produce insulin. There are many different causes of Type 1 diabetes, including genes and environmental conditions, but the best indication of this condition is a test for blood sugar levels.

Treatment through Diabetes Medicine

Diabetes treatment for Type 1 includes maintaining a consistent blood sugar level through insulin injections. When you rely on our team of doctors for your treatment, we help you get the right diabetes medicine for your condition. Although there is no way to cure Type 1, regular use of the right diabetes medicine can help you live a happy and productive life.

Diabetes Medication for Type 2

Visit our office for a test that could determine if you have Type 2 diabetes. This chronic condition prevents your body from properly processing the glucose in your blood. Our office can provide you with a test for this condition and the diabetes medication you need to treat it. Your heart and limbs could be at risk if you put off getting the treatment for this condition you need.

Asthma Is No Obstacle for Our Patients

Clear the obstructed and constricted airways that can result from asthma with the help of our medical professionals. A host of environmental conditions can exacerbate your asthma, so it is important to schedule an appointment today to get the relief you need.

Asthma Treatment Makes a Difference

Take a breath of fresh air and start enjoying life again with asthma treatment that may include an asthma inhaler. An attack can strike when you least expect it, so it is essential that you get the asthma treatment you need from a team that understands this condition well.

Get Going Again with an Asthma Inhaler

Enjoy your favorite outdoor activities again with the help of an asthma inhaler from our practice. We understand the best treatment options for this condition, and an asthma inhaler helps you eliminate the fear of another attack when it is time to get in shape.

Have You Been Diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism or Hypothyroidism?

Understanding the difference between these two conditions is important in determining the right treatment. When you visit our office, we help you chart the right course of action for treatment no matter how severe the symptoms are you may be facing are. People who face thyroid diseases can face a wide range of debilitating symptoms that inhibit healthy living. Getting the right treatment for thyroid disease is critical to protecting the quality of your life.

Understanding Hyperthyroidism Treatment

When facing an overactive thyroid you may experience a rapid heartbeat or muscle weakness. Our approach to hyperthyroidism treatment medications or surgery, but we begin by listening to your concerns. We choose an approach to hyperthyroidism treatment that depends on the level of severity you are facing.

Facing Your Hypothyroidism Treatment

Your thyroid gland can sometimes become underactive, and our hypothyroidism treatment helps you to address this issue head on. Without the right amount of hormones from your thyroid gland, your entire metabolism could be affected. Our approach to hypothyroidism treatment helps you regulate your weight and overall energy.

Get Your Blood Pressure in Check by Knowing Your Levels

High blood pressure is not uncommon across the population, and getting the right treatment is critical to protecting your health. With the right blood pressure medication and blood pressure treatment, you can maintain a healthy lifestyle for many years.

The effects of high blood pressure may not immediately be apparent, and that is why it is important to check your level regularly. Our blood pressure treatment is focused on keeping your levels in check, and with the right blood pressure medication you are sure to live a healthier life.

Contact us today and schedule a same day appointment with one of our internal medicine specialist and care providers. We proudly serve patients in Pittsburgh, Lincoln Place, West Mifflin, Homestead, and West Homestead, Pennsylvania, and surrounding communities.