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Physical Exams in Pittsburgh

Do you need to establish yourself at a reliable physician’s office? Joseph A. Santiesteban, M.D. is proud to provide exceptional health care and physical exams in Pittsburgh, PA for men, women, and teens. Our office is comfortable and state-of-the-art, and we can actually perform laboratory tests on the spot.

Our commitment to our patients is obvious, and we strive to exceed all expectations. We are proud to implement the best clinical practices available while providing personalized health services for each of our patients. There is no one else you should go to for the entire family’s physical exams than our qualified, caring doctor.

Understand Your Health with a Physical Exam

When you visit us for a physical exam, we strive to work with you to make sure that we understand your health care goals. Whether you need an annual pelvic exam or a sports physical, trust the experience our doctor offers. Rely on us to help you achieve any goals you have, especially in cases of preparation for a sport or wellness program.

Physical Exams in Pittsburgh, PA

Our doctor knows how to assess your health and recommend the right avenue to help you reach your goals. Every person has his or her own limits, and our reputable physician is uniquely qualified to offer you advice that is safe and informative.

Medical Evaluations of Ongoing Conditions

In addition to our preventive screenings and routine exams, our physician also specializes in the medical evaluation of diabetes, thyroid conditions, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, and other concerns. Our goal is to provide patient-centered care on your schedule. There are many benefits to seeing our doctor for regular medical evaluations. We provide you with the following benefits:

  • Education about Updates in Your Condition or Its Treatment
  • Making Adjustments in Medications
  • Saving Money in the Need for Future Care
  • Monitoring Changes in Your Health before They Get Dangerous
  • Knowing if There are Any Deviations in Your Base Numbers
  • Overcoming Your Anxiety about the Condition
  • Developing a Strong Relationship with Your Physician

Book Annual Physicals with Our Doctor Today

Annual physicals provide you with the knowledge you need to better manage your physical health. This knowledge is also used to detect any health concerns before they turn into more serious problems. We regularly conduct physicals for teens, men, and women.

During your annual physical, our doctor will ask questions to make sure that you are feeling well. We will also ask you to describe any problems that you may be experiencing. Generally men's wellness visits may include a testicular and prostate exam. A women's wellness visit may include a breast exam or Pap smear. If there is any cause for concern, our physician will recommend follow-up testing or conduct any additional tests. Physical exams are regular screenings that can detect minor problems before they become major health issues.

Sports Physicals for Authorization to Play

Anyone who has played sports knows that it is important to pay extra attention to your health. Playing sports is a great way to have fun while staying healthy. Most school systems and sports clubs require an annual physical before your child can play a sport. Listening to the heart, checking the body, and conducting an examination of vitals may detect otherwise asymptomatic health conditions. Don’t let your child risk his or her health on the field by not knowing if there are any concerns. However, sports physicals aren't just for kids. Even adults need to visit the doctor to make sure they are healthy before hitting the field, court, or rink.

CDL Physicals for You to Get Your License Renewal

Joseph A. Santiesteban, M.D. is certified to perform CDL physicals. If you are eager to get on the road, we can help. Come in today to get your Commercial Driver's License physical and acquire a valid Medical Examiner's Certificate. Federal guidelines mandate that anyone applying for a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) must pass the Department of Transportation (DOT) physical exam. Visit our office to complete your DOT physical exam today. Convenient and low cost DOT medical exams. When your job relies on you getting a physical, we do our best to fit you in according to your schedule.

Laboratory Tests Include Blood Counts and Chemistry Panels

When it comes to assessing your body’s chemistry, the best way to do so is through quick laboratory tests. Our doctor regularly orders these tests to make sure there is no obvious, underlying condition that is causing your symptoms. Feeling sluggish, tired, or run-down is often a deficiency that is apparent in a quick blood screening. Some of the laboratory tests we perform include:

  • Complete Blood Counts
  • Chemistry Panels
  • Urine Analysis
  • Blood Sugar
  • STD Panels

Do You Need Your Blood Drawn?

Our doctor highly recommends a blood draw to clients that are exhibiting certain symptoms. Your health is of utmost importance and knowing the chemistry of your blood makes it easy for us to detect any issues you may have. There are benefits associated with lab tests like a blood draw, including:

  • Detecting Any Chronic-Disease Risk Factors
  • Finding Any Food Intolerance or Issues
  • No Health Risk for Major Health Rewards
  • Adjusting Diet and Treatment Plans with Greater Success
  • Helping with Health Recommendations
  • Discovering Any Microorganisms or Bacteria before Illness Occurs
  • Disease Prevention
  • Finding the Problem behind Symptoms

Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a physical exam or blood testing. We offer internal medicine services to clients in Pittsburgh, PA and the surrounding communities including Lincoln Place, Homestead, West Mifflin, and West Homestead.