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Preventive Care in Pittsburgh

Preventive care is an important part of ensuring you enjoy a long and healthy life. At our office, our doctor takes preventive care and immunizations to a whole new level of care. He also excels at identifying symptoms that can lead to serious illnesses and diseases.

Annual Exams at Our Family Practice

At our family practice, we recommend you visit with our doctor once a year for a thorough annual exam. With this examination, we can determine any symptoms that indicate problems with your health, and we can also determine the best methods of helping you achieve your health care goals. What might be a recurring pain to you could be a sign of something more serious that only a trained medical professional can diagnose.

You should never let your health decline just because you think you are too old for annual exams. We treat patients of all ages at our family practice, so schedule an appointment for an annual exam with our staff today.

What Are the Benefits of Preventive Care?

One of the greatest benefits of preventive care is the information you find out about your current physical health. Preventive care establishes a baseline which you and your doctor can use to compare your current health. We detect unhealthy trends before they turn into more serious risks for illness. A regular physical exam is one tool to accomplish this goal.

Physical exams focus on preventing health problems and also addressing and treating any preexisting issues. During a physical exam, our doctor asks about your family's health history. If your family shows a history of suffering from certain diseases or health problems, we can provide guidance on how you can reduce your risk of suffering from the same ailments.

Preventive Care in Pittsburgh, PA

During your health care checkup, our doctor asks questions to ensure you are healthy and asks about any physical problems you have been experiencing. We also use preventive care checkups to assess your vitals, such as blood pressure, weight, and cholesterol.

Immunizations for All Ages

Certain infectious diseases can be prevented with immunizations. It is not true that vaccines are reserved for only protecting young children. In our experience, far too many teenagers and adults suffer from illnesses and diseases that could easily have been prevented by vaccines. Everyone from young adults to older seniors can benefit from immunizations.

Regularly seeing your doctor for wellness checkups allows you to gather information about making healthy lifestyle choices. We also offer internal medicine treatment to allow you to receive an even higher level of care.

Why Should I Get Annual Checkups?

When you need to get back on a schedule of annual checkups, schedule an appointment with our friendly staff today and let us take care of you. Your health is something you simply cannot neglect, so you need an experienced professional to help you stay on the right track. Our practice provides comprehensive annual exams and checkups that are necessary to assist our patients in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Small problems can become much more dangerous if you ignore their symptoms or if you don’t participate in annual checkups. We can detect the signs of potential health risks and handle them as soon as possible. Rely on our experience and compassion to take care of your health care needs and provide you with the means to live longer and happier lives.

Contact us today to schedule your preventive care checkup. We proudly serve patients from Pittsburgh, Lincoln Place, West Mifflin, Homestead, and West Homestead, plus all of the surrounding areas.